Lechi Group Coorporate Social Responisblity

LECHI GROUP IKE has developed and implements a Social Responsibility protocol in accordance with the SA 8000:2014 standard, in order to establish correct, smooth, and excellent cooperation with its human resources. 

The Company’s goal is the universal application of the existing Greek and Community labor legislation, while complying with the obligations arising from international conventions/acts: ISO, International Declaration of Human Rights, and the Regulations of the United Nations, in accordance with the standard of SAI. 

The Company, being consistent, has acquired all the licenses and approvals required by legislation that govern its activities. Its services are provided by experienced and trained workers and specialized scientific staff, to ensure the safe and professional execution of the prescribed tasks, while all necessary measures and risk protection equipment are available to its labor force. 

LECHI GROUP IKE cares for the continuous training, education, and motivation of all its human resources in order to cultivate a sense of responsibility towards the operation of the Company in accordance with the commitments of this policy. The management, on its part, commits to the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility system and its continuous improvement, monitoring it through objective measurement indicators. 

The social responsibility policy of LECHI GROUP IKE focuses on achieving the following:

  • Recognition of the right of workers to form and participate in labor unions.
  • Compliance with laws and sectoral agreements regarding working hours. Overtime work is always an exception and is paid with extra money.
  • No form of forced labor, mental or physical coercion, corporal punishment, or abuse is allowed.
  • Child labor is not supported in any way.
  • Wages will be at least at the minimum required by national legislation or the service sector.
  • Discrimination in hiring, compensation, training, promotion, termination, or dismissal based on age, race, cost, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, or political ideology is not allowed. Any form of sexual harassment is also not permitted.
  • Provision of a safe and healthy work environment to prevent any injuries and accidents that may be caused or directly connected with the workflow.
  • Continuous improvement of the company’s performance and its social profile, regarding the requirements of the SA 8000:2014 standard and its relationship with its employees.

To comply with the aforementioned commitments and for the continuous improvement of the Social Responsibility System performance, LECHI GROUP IKE, guided by the spirit of sincere and mutual respect, tries to ensure a relationship of mutual cooperation with all relevant social bodies, its customers, suppliers, and partners. The Social Responsibility Policy, with which all actions of LECHI GROUP IKE are aligned, is communicated to the staff and partners of the Company.

  • Any complaint can be sent to the following email addresses:

    Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS)
    9 east 37th street, 10th floor
    New York, NY 10016
    Tel. +1.212.684.1414 – Fax +1.212.684.1515
    e-mail: saas@saasaccreditation.org
    e-mail: info@sa-intl.org

    European Inspection & Certification Company S.A.
    89 Chlois street & Likovriseos
    Metamorphosi Athens, 144 52
    Tel. +30.210.6252495 – Fax +30.210.6203018
    e-mail: info@eurocert.gr

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